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Smoking Aloud

The current anti-smoking campaign
is not about public health or drug abuse...

It is about CONTROL... They want it!

Invasion of Your Privacy

“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.” - Justice William O. Douglas, 1966

In our post-911 society, Americans have experienced perhaps the largest loss of individual rights and especially the loss of the right of privacy all in the name of "national security."

Socialist government leaders and meddling social engineers are doing everything they can to control every aspect of our lives. They have routinely violated the rights of individuals and property owners by regulating personal behavior on private property. When the property owner of shops, restaurants and bars allows smoking, many smokers will argue that non-smokers should just stay away and the government should not interfere. But, that's not the case. Big Business is forced to thumb their nose at your rights in exchange for cutting the costs of their business.

Cigarette Purchases Reported
TODAY many online cigarettes vendors report your purchases to your state tax authority. Those who don't report today will likely be forced to report your purchases tomorrow. Result? Your privacy is violated.

TODAY any use of Credit Cards or even Bank debit E-Checks for online cigarettes purchases may be reported to your state tax authority. Result? Your privacy is violated.

Read carefully the Privacy Statements on vendor websites and you'll discover there is NO privacy when it comes to smoking cigarettes. Many of these privacy statements contain lots of nice words about "protecting" your privacy and then go on to say, "You should be advised, however, that federal law requires us to report all sales and shipments of cigarettes to your state’s taxing authority."

Your Medical Records
One of the nation's leading child abuse experts, James Garbarino, has suggested that cigarette smoking is a form of child abuse. Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Executive Director John Banzhaf suggested in a major medical address that physicians are legally as well as morally justified in filing complaints of "child abuse" or "child neglect" in situations where parents smoke.

Job Discrimination
More and more companies, municipal governments and police departments require affidavits and even use lie detector tests and random drug testing to foist their anti-smoking policies. When it's discovered that individuals smoke, even in the privacy of their homes, they have been denied employment and fired from their jobs.

An example of this is Scott Rodrigues who was fired from a lawn-care job he had at The Scotts Co. after a drug test came up positive for nicotine. Another example is the insurance consulting firm, Weyco, who's company president Howard Weyers announced, "Anyone that has nicotine in their body will be fired.” At Weyco, that means no smoking at work, no smoking at home, no smoking period.

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